Course 101 Syllabus

The Great Commandment & the Golden Rule:
Biblical and Personal Foundations for Effective New Testament Ministry


Course Description:

Class 101 is an eight week course designed to help participants become aware of their calling, giftedness and personal potential and preparedness for ministry.

Course Objectives:

To help participants explore their personal sense of ministry calling.

To help participants gain faith and confidence in their ministry potential based on the mandates and promises of Scripture.

To help participants become acquainted with spiritual disciplines that foster preparedness for effective ministry.

To help participants discover and understand their spiritual gifts.

To help participants establish a relationship with a ministry mentor.

To help participants become self-aware of their personality traits and tendencies, learning styles, communication skills, giftedness and “growth edges.”

To help participants to become self-aware of their strengths and growth edges in relating to others.


Course Texts:

Edwards, Gene. A Tale of Three Kings. Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House, 1992 (rev. ed.).


Scazzero, Peter. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. Franklin, TN: Integrity Publishers, 2006.


Course Methods:

This course will consist of class lecture and discussion led by the course facilitator, reading and written assignments and personal dialogue with an e-cwip mentor.


Course Requirements:

Course attendance. Attendance is required at all eight course sessions. If an absence is necessary, participants can attend class on the alternate night or watch the course via the internet.

Reading assignments. Two required textbooks will be read in full by the completion of the course.

Written reflection assignments. Each participant will write three reflection papers not to exceed 1,000 words in length.

Personal dialogue with e-cwip mentor. Each participant will have an appointment scheduled with his/her e-cwip mentor.

Participation in the “Getting to Know You” seminar with Dr. Gary Kellner on Saturday, September 23 from 9:00-12:30. During the seminar, participants will use several instruments to evaluate traits and tendencies.


Course Fulfillment:

Attendance at all course sessions and completion of all reading and written assignments. Participants will be graded on a Complete or Incomplete basis. Superior work will be indicated by a C+, competent work will be indicated by a C, satisfactory work will be indicated by a C-.


Reflection Paper Descriptions:

Each reflection paper should be typed, double spaced and should not exceed 1,000 words in length.

Paper #1
Due September 19/20
“My Salvation Story”

Please give a brief description of the events surrounding your salvation experience and your subsequent spiritual growth. Please include significant events such as water baptism, baptism in the Holy Spirit or other meaningful spiritual experiences you have had. Please include what has been most instrumental in your spiritual growth.

Paper # 2
Due October 10/11
“My Sense of Ministry Calling and Gifting”

Please describe any ministry experiences you had had thus far and what you have learned from them (about yourself and about people). Please describe any desires you have for future ministry (in what areas and capacity?). Especially include any changing ministry desires you have had recently, e.g., desires to do things you never thought would interest you. Please describe any ways you have been used in gifts of the Spirit—give any pertinent details about your experiences. Please describe any prophetic words that have been spoken over you and your reaction to those words.

Paper #3
Due October 24/25
“My Personal Strengths and Growth Edges”

Please describe how you have historically related to other people—family, friends, co-workers and strangers. What comes naturally to you? What is a challenge for you? Include any pertinent experiences that have impacted your opinions about people. Describe your greatest personal strength in ministering to others and the area you feel you need to grow the most.



Specific Data:

Prepared by Rev. Glenn A. Harvison, M.Div., August 2006