e-cwip interactive apostolic ministry training


Program Overview:

e-cwip is an interactive apostolic training program designed to equip believers for ministry through:


Character development

Word-centered instruction

Impartation of revelation, gifts and anointing



e-cwip is a 30 month program that utilizes eight week study courses, self-study, practical learning experiences and a mentoring relationship.

e-cwip is “interactive” because it employs Jesus’ rabbinic method of discipling--instruction, demonstration, application, adjustments/further instruction. Participants will interact with the Holy Spirit, fellow students and experienced leaders.

e-cwip is “apostolic” because it engages the five-fold ministry gifts to help prepare participants for the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:11-12). Participants will receive impartation through relationship, instruction and prophetic presbytery.



Program Mission:

e-cwip exists to prepare believers to do the work of the ministry according to Eph. 4:11-12, Eph. 2:10, Phil. 1:13 and John 14:12.

e-cwip is for believers who are eager to have their ministry gifts activated and become more effective ministers for the Lord.

e-cwip will prepare many to become effective leaders in the local church ministries. e-cwip will inspire others to conceive and launch new ministries based out of the local church.

e-cwip will be a springboard for some into deeper dimensions of ministry training and service. College credit is not available through e-cwip. At the completion of the program, qualifying candidates may apply for ordination through the Harvest Time Ministerial Association.



Program Objectives:

§ To assist participants to develop a personal sense of ministry calling and to discern their spiritual gifts.

§ To assist participants to become self-aware of their talents, traits and tendencies.

§ To facilitate the development of Christian character necessary for effective ministry.

§ To provide a foundation of Biblical and experiential knowledge necessary for effective ministry

§ To impart revelation, gifts of the Holy Spirit and anointing through interaction, teaching and the laying on of hands.

§ To provide supervised opportunities for application of ministry skills.

§ To prepare participants to receive ordination for ministry through the Harvest Time Ministerial Association.



Program Methods:


Ten eight-week courses will be delivered in a two year rotation. Students will be graded on a Complete/Incomplete basis for each course. Missed courses will be provided via the internet.

One-on-one mentoring.
Participants will be assigned a mentor who will periodically conduct personal interviews and review key reflection assignments.

Assessment instruments will be administered to participants to help them become self-aware of their personality type and traits, learning style, communication skills, gifts and preferences.

Self study.
Participants will be given reading and written reflection assignments.

Supervised learning experiences where participants apply knowledge in a variety of ministry contexts. These may include leading a ministry in the local church, teaching, preaching, altar ministry or ministry during an e-cwip trip.

Prophetic Presbytery.
Each participant will receive the laying on of hands for prophetic ministry and impartation of gifts and anointing.



Course Schedule:

e-cwip is comprised of ten eight week courses delivered in a two year rotation. All courses will be graded on a complete/incomplete basis. A course will be considered complete when a participant has attended all course sessions (missed sessions may be made up via internet) and completed all reading and written assignments.

Class 101
Great Commission & Golden Rule: Foundations for Effective New Testament Ministry

Class 102
Doing the Stuff: An Introduction to Ministering in the Supernatural

Class 103
Introduction to Bible Study Tools and Methodologies

Class 104
Introduction to Bible Preaching & Teaching

Class 105
Public Speaking

Class 201
Leadership in the New Testament Church, Part 1

Class 202
Leadership in the New Testament Church, Part 2

Class 203
TBA - Spring 2008

Class 204
TBA - Spring 2008

Class 205
TBS - Spring 2008



Ordination Requirements:

Candidates for ordination will qualify when they have completed all ten e-cwip courses, a final ministry project, an interview and have received a recommendation for ordination from their mentor.